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Title | Come to me my sweetest friend, this is where we start again (1/1)
Characters | Traci + Andy friendship (mentions of Sam/Andy & Andy/Nick)
Word Count | 1257
Summary | Andy finds out she's pregnant directly after the season four finale.
Rating | T
A/N | This started out as one of my Breakup Buddies drabbles, but the tone of it felt a little different to what I was going for in that series so I decided to make this its own one-shot. Been working on it for the past three hours and wanted to post it already, so excuse the mistakes. Title comes from "Come to Me" by The Goo Goo Dolls. Enjoy!

here @ insomnia_bug
As those of you interested would already know, despite a valiant fight the dreams of Rookie Blue fans across the globe fell apart over at yuletide this year. AND FOR FOREVER MORE, *woe*. HOWEVER, we have rebounded enthusiastically and have decided to run a fan!gift exchange at omg_rookieblue instead. Which might just be even MORE awesome than Yuletide anyway because, ALL ROOKIE BLUE, ALL THE TIME! Yiew.

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For more information and/or to sign up to participate, please click HERE
15 September 2013 @ 12:50 am
Is there anyone around these parts intending to participate in yuletide**, and, more importantly, intending to nominate, request, or offer Rookie Blue? I figure we should probably co-ordinate our efforts to ensure maximum character coverage.

raisintorte has already indicated s/he will be nominating;

I'm more than happy to devote one of my slots to the show, because I know I'll both offer and request it. I'm going to say that I'll nominate;

Is anyone else intending to play along?

** For the uninitiated, yuletide is a christmas fic exchange dedicated to small fandoms, of which Rookie Blue qualifies. Small fandom status is determined by the number of currently existing fics on AO3 and (amongst a couple of other things, but this is the main point). As a participant, you agree to write one 1000 word, completed fic by, um, about December 20th-ish? You sign up by requesting four different fandoms to recieve a fic in, and offering to write fic in at least six fandoms. You will then be allocated a 'match', ie. someone who has requested a fic from a fandom that you nominated. You will also be 'matched' with someone else who will write you a fic. If you'd like more info. on this, ask away in the comments. I am a veteran of precisely ONE previous Yuletide, and am therefore a veritable font of knowledge regarding its intricacies, of which there are... er, quite a few! But it's fun, I promise!
17 July 2013 @ 12:36 pm
Title | A Way to Escape the Day
Characters | Gail + Luke
Word Count | 1000
Rating | M (language)
Summary | Written for week four of the Fantasy Luke Sightings Challenge at hey_homicide. Follows on from the impromptu house party at the end of 4x04, 'The Kids Are Not Alright'. She pushes her door open and gets to her feet. Can’t quite decide if she’s pleased or pissed off that the champagne buzz has lifted, been replaced by a mostly clear head and a seething kind of fury.

Dig up her bones but leave her soul alone…
26 May 2013 @ 10:08 pm
Title: Breakup Buddies
Fandom: Rookie Blue
Characters: Andy/Nick
Word Count: all varying lengths
Summary: Andy and Nick are breakup buddies...and something more.
spoilers: Seasons 1-4

More Andy/Nick prompt fills here @ insomnia_bug
26 May 2013 @ 10:02 pm
Title: Breakup Buddies
Fandom: Rookie Blue
Characters: Andy/Nick
Word Count: all varying lengths
Summary: Andy and Nick are breakup buddies...and something more.
spoilers: Seasons 1-4

Prompt fills for omg_rookieblue's Spring Training Comment Ficathon

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Originally posted by med14 at Makin' My Dreams Come True (ooooo ooo ooo ooo)
Summary: Sam and Andy are pregnant, and nervous. Maybe babysitting Baby Best will help calm their nerves. this is an extract from one of my stories on, it's a good fluffy stand-alone radleyboo, tell me what you feel, in gifs.

Because he's the best, and she's pregnant.Collapse )
07 March 2013 @ 10:53 pm
Originally posted by med14 at Ten Year
"Ten year reunion McNally, no guys who dumped you that you need to show up?" He had laughed. - (Not long after she gets back from Dakota - probably a few months) What happens when it's time to confront who they used to be?

Pairing: Andy/Sam Rookie Blue

Word Count: 2000

reunions suckCollapse )
06 January 2013 @ 11:33 pm
Title | New Ways to Fall Apart
Characters/Pairing | Gail/Luke [Traci/Jerry, Andy]
Word Count | 8500
Rating | MA
Summary | The ABC character bio for Luke Callaghan includes this phrase, he experienced a grotesque family tragedy as a child. This is an end of season two AU exploration of that fact. Andy and Sam are still a thing, Jerry’s alive, and Nick does not exist. Poor Nick.
Warnings | Implied non-canon character deaths, and past severe domestic violence
Author’s Note | Written for catteo for yuletide 2012

All the holes in my apologies…
17 October 2012 @ 02:21 am
Title: Only You
Author: auntilz
Rating: R
Genre: Het, Sam/Andy
Spoilers: up to season 1 finale.
Summary: Sam's thinking a lot during that undercover job. 607 words, one shot.
attn: I'M NEW so uh, here! /shoves

(Sam doesn't know what to think.)